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I Did It! Operation: ShakeDown

So, who drank all twenty-five milkshakes from Sonic this summer?

This girl! Whoop! Whoop!


I consider it a feat, and something that I am very proud of. I considered making a t-shirt, but really, I don’t want to brag.

Not too much, at least.

It was great fun to eat all 25, and not just because they are delicious. Several times this summer, we would be lazing around the house doing nothing important. But, come 8:00 when the milkshakes switched to half price, we were in the car and off to Sonic to get whatever milkshake was next on the list of 25. The kiddos enjoyed helping me out, keeping track of the milkshakes, and getting a treat for themselves, and I think we grown-ups enjoyed the drive and the time together.

And, of course, the 25 milkshakes.

The most often asked question about this little experiment is which one was the best. The answer, in my opinion, is pineapple followed closely by cherry cheesecake tied with any of the milkshakes with peanut butter.

My least favorite was the chocolate cream pie that was an overdose of coconut. Blech and blech.

I even liked the peanut butter bacon, which I saved for the last one. It was like eating a Butterfinger candy bar, except that it was cold and you had to chew a lot more. It wasn’t gross at all as most people would think.

I mean, it’s bacon, for Pete’s sake. Wrap bacon around road kill, and most people would chow down. Myself included.

I am kinda sad my milkshake journey has come to an end. I have already started on some repeat favorites, but I am going to resist redoing all 25 as someone suggested I try to do.

I will go ahead, though, and look forward to next summer. Bring on the milkshake challenge, Sonic!


An Open Letter to Sonic Re: Operation ShakeDown
June 3, 2013, 12:55 am
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Dear Sonic:

You clever, clever Sonic you. I underestimated your summer trickery.

You, with your colorful menu of 25 fabulous shakes. They tempt me. They call to me. They love me.
At the end of the school year, I was discussing summer plans with a group of teachers, and your 25 summer shakes came up. I mentioned that I thought it would be fun to try them all over the course of the summer. My friend said to me that it could not be done.

To heck, I say.

And so, I am in the process of trying each of your 25 summer shakes. I am presently on #7.

The half price after 8:00 is helping. Thanks for that.

I do wonder about punching that number of shakes from 25 to 30. How about it? What about a cherry shake? Or root beer? Peach? Bacon and maple? Come on, Sonic. Think outside the box.

I will be trying all of the original 25 between now and the end of the summer. So far, my favorite has been the pineapple. It was fresh and light.

The worst was the chocolate cream pie. Blech. My husband and I both ordered one. The first thought I had was why it smelled like suntan lotion. Then I tasted it. Yuck-coconut. It was unexpected to get a whollup of coconut-which I hate-in a chocolate shake. A friend of mine is a manager at Sonic, and he said I can order the cream pie shakes without the coconut syrup. If I am going to get through all 25, that will have to be the case.
So, Sonic, thanks a bunch for adding a little something extra fun to this already great summer. Your shakes are great (except for the occasional surprise coconut), and sharing this experience with friends is even better. Now, I must go run on the treadmill to get off this extra shake weight.

Actually, who am I kidding. Long Island Medium is on!

Thanks, Sonic!

My Kind of Hobby: Eating for a Good Cause
October 9, 2012, 12:50 pm
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Try not to be jealous, but my diet lately has consisted mainly of food from Sonic.


I am not eating there exclusively because I need to gain wait or because I have low cholesterol. I wish.

Actually, I am eating the tater tots, cheeseburgers, and breakfast burritos for a reason.

I am eating at Sonic because of their Limeades for Learning campaign to benefit public schools-my public school to be more specific. Every day for a month or so in the fall, Sonic lets school teachers like me participate in LforL to get equipment for classrooms. Classrooms get free stuff when people vote daily using their email addresses or special codes that are found on Sonic bags. It is easy.

My students and I have participated for four years. Over that time, we have received four iPods for our classroom, which is phenomenal. There is no way I would have been able to provide iPods otherwise. Through LforL, they were free.

We are trying to win again this year. Although it is not as easy to win as it once was, it is still fun to try.

And it is fun to eat all this food, even though it is mostly terrible for me. I won’t ask you to join me in eating Sonic daily, nor will I ask you to vote for my project. I just hope you take the time to go online at and vote for somebody’s project, because each of those projects represents a need of a kid in a classroom in America.

And, if you want to eat at Sonic for the code to help a kid out, I highly recommend the cheesecake bites.

Hot Dog, It’s Good!
September 30, 2011, 10:45 pm
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Why in the world do I love to eat hot dogs at Sonic? Hot dogs are so generic. Unless you are at a bonfire or ballgame, there really is no reason to eat them.


My Grandaddy used to prepare his hotdogs in a tall glass of hot water. He would let them set in the hot water and then eat them then and there.

My brother-in-law feeds his spoiled rotten Bassett Hound a Nathan’s hotdog every night.

Every fall, we get together with friends and roast hotdogs over a blazing bonfire on the back forty of a friend’s farm.

Mr. Picky loves hot dogs with no grill marks served with mustard from his own personal mustard bottle.

One of the best hotdogs I ever ate was at Neyland Stadium in Knoxville, Tennessee with my sweetie. We were watching Tennessee battle Alabama. It was my first Vol game ever.

There you go, I guess. Memories.

I adore the line of hotdogs at Sonic. I amaze myself everytime I bypass the cheeseburgers to order a hotdog. Then, I embarrass myself as I scarf down my hotdog like a wild woman in the front seat of the car. In broad daylight. In front of other people. In just a few bites.

Embarrassing. But worth it.

Gotta love a hot dog.

Sonic Pickle-o’s
June 13, 2011, 3:14 am
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A wonderful treat!

I’d slap my momma for these!

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