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My Kind of Hobby: Eating for a Good Cause
October 9, 2012, 12:50 pm
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Try not to be jealous, but my diet lately has consisted mainly of food from Sonic.


I am not eating there exclusively because I need to gain wait or because I have low cholesterol. I wish.

Actually, I am eating the tater tots, cheeseburgers, and breakfast burritos for a reason.

I am eating at Sonic because of their Limeades for Learning campaign to benefit public schools-my public school to be more specific. Every day for a month or so in the fall, Sonic lets school teachers like me participate in LforL to get equipment for classrooms. Classrooms get free stuff when people vote daily using their email addresses or special codes that are found on Sonic bags. It is easy.

My students and I have participated for four years. Over that time, we have received four iPods for our classroom, which is phenomenal. There is no way I would have been able to provide iPods otherwise. Through LforL, they were free.

We are trying to win again this year. Although it is not as easy to win as it once was, it is still fun to try.

And it is fun to eat all this food, even though it is mostly terrible for me. I won’t ask you to join me in eating Sonic daily, nor will I ask you to vote for my project. I just hope you take the time to go online at and vote for somebody’s project, because each of those projects represents a need of a kid in a classroom in America.

And, if you want to eat at Sonic for the code to help a kid out, I highly recommend the cheesecake bites.


The Perks of Being a Teacher/Food Person

See this gorgeous cake?  This beautiful, amazing chocolate piece of art? Someone made this for me.

Unbelievable, huh?

I think so.

One of my students and I have a food bond, I guess you could say.  We talk food a lot, and think about food a lot, and eat food a lot.  At the end of the year last school year, she made me bacon.  While I was out of town recently, I found a bacon cookbook I thought she just had to have.  Then, she and her mom made me this cake.  It is as if we are playing a game of food tag.  I am enjoying it for sure.

The recipe for this amazing cake came from Pinterest.  I tried to navigate the vast world that is Pinterest to find the recipe, but I couldn’t.  It would be worth it.  The cake was soft and lightly chocolatey while the inside was creamy with a touch of Oreos.

I didn’t eat the whole thing by myself, but I could have.  I actually shared, believe it or not.  I gave her and her family a nice part for them to enjoy, I gave part to the staff in our school’s office, and then I shared with my own family.

Chocolate cake like this is one of the best parts of my job.

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