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Mr. Picky’s Dream Come True
September 17, 2012, 1:45 am
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And this, my friends, is what you feed a nine-year old who eats nothing but cheese products.

A can of cheese. From Sam’s. It had to weigh five pounds.  This monster was probably intended for a concession stand at a major ballgame.  Instead, it will feed Mr. Picky for a while.  It was bigger than his head.

If you will notice in the background, my can opener is now broken.  This dinosaur of a can opener was a wedding gift from my aunt and uncle from way back in 1997.  It has opened many a can-even a can of whoop butt a time or two.  However, this bad boy can of cheese showed it who was boss. My poor, sad former wedding gift is now in two pieces.

Oh, well.  At least Mr. P has something to eat. He has had cheese and chips several times now, and he has even gotten seconds.  I poured all the cheese in the Crock Pot, and now all I do is pop the cheese back in there when he is hungry.

I admire people who can give their kids lettuce and carrots and broccoli and such.  That’s just great. Good for them.  My kid has not eaten anything like that since he was around fourteen months old.  Try as I might, he wants what he wants, he eats what he eats, and that’s the way he was given to me by the Good Lord Above.  It is my job as his momma to figure out what he will eat and give it to him.  So what if it is not tofu? He is still awesome, and smart, and dang handsome.  And cheesy-no pun intended.

So, he will eat this enormous can of cheese with chips, crackers, pretzels, his fingers, whatever.  The rest of the family will help him out a little, but mostly, it is all for him.

Hug your kids if they are not picky eaters.  And if they are picky eaters?  Give them two hugs and some cheese from Mr. Picky and me.


Super Bowl Recipe #5-Cheesey Chicken and Spinach Dip

“Speak well of this in your blog.”

Words my husband said to me. It was dinner time, and he was poised for the next bite of this dip, corn chip in hand.

He had found this recipe for me, and he asked me to try it for the big game. I made it, and he liked it enough to endorse its praises for you here. He ate all of his and part of mine.

Problem-I didn’t like it so much.

The recipe was easy, but I thought the dip had a twang. It just didn’t taste right to me, and I thought it was way too cheesy.

He loved it.

Try it, and see what you think.

The recipe-

One can of diced tomatoes, drained
One pound of Velveeta, cubed
One 10 oz. package of frozen spinach, thawed and drained (I didn’t do this. I just plopped it in with the rest of the stuff.)
One cube of cream cheese, cubed
2 chicken breasts
5 slices of cooked bacon, crumbled

Cube the chicken breasts and sauté until cooked through. Shred and drop in the crock pot. Add all the rest of the ingredients. Warm on high for an hour, stirring often to incorporate the cheeses. When ready to eat, top with the crumbled bacon.





It’s Super Bowl Week 2012

My first Super Bowl hosting attempt was circa 1991. I was in high school. I invited around twenty kids to my parents’ house to watch the big game. I took my role as hostess very seriously. I made them stand for the National Anthem and then fed them throughout the whole game.

We watched every play-some more seriously than others. Of course, all was quiet for the commercials.

My friends came early and stayed late. We had a blast and talked about it all the next day at school.

Good times. Good times…

Back in the day, I made taco dip, a cheese ball, brownies stuffed with caramel sauce, and a new concoction called Rotel. I made enough food for an army, but my parents paid for it so I didn’t mind.

Times have changed quite a bit. I have two kids, a husband, and I have to buy my own groceries and do my own dishes. We don’t make it to many parties, and I don’t expect a crowd this Sunday night. Still, the Super Bowl is an honored tradition that must be lauded.

And, of course, the food is awesome.

This week, it will be my goal to share with you some new and old recipes fit for any big game party. Even if you are not going to a party or even watching the big game, I hope you enjoy.

Go Giants!

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