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Mr. Picky’s Dream Come True
September 17, 2012, 1:45 am
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And this, my friends, is what you feed a nine-year old who eats nothing but cheese products.

A can of cheese. From Sam’s. It had to weigh five pounds.  This monster was probably intended for a concession stand at a major ballgame.  Instead, it will feed Mr. Picky for a while.  It was bigger than his head.

If you will notice in the background, my can opener is now broken.  This dinosaur of a can opener was a wedding gift from my aunt and uncle from way back in 1997.  It has opened many a can-even a can of whoop butt a time or two.  However, this bad boy can of cheese showed it who was boss. My poor, sad former wedding gift is now in two pieces.

Oh, well.  At least Mr. P has something to eat. He has had cheese and chips several times now, and he has even gotten seconds.  I poured all the cheese in the Crock Pot, and now all I do is pop the cheese back in there when he is hungry.

I admire people who can give their kids lettuce and carrots and broccoli and such.  That’s just great. Good for them.  My kid has not eaten anything like that since he was around fourteen months old.  Try as I might, he wants what he wants, he eats what he eats, and that’s the way he was given to me by the Good Lord Above.  It is my job as his momma to figure out what he will eat and give it to him.  So what if it is not tofu? He is still awesome, and smart, and dang handsome.  And cheesy-no pun intended.

So, he will eat this enormous can of cheese with chips, crackers, pretzels, his fingers, whatever.  The rest of the family will help him out a little, but mostly, it is all for him.

Hug your kids if they are not picky eaters.  And if they are picky eaters?  Give them two hugs and some cheese from Mr. Picky and me.


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My youngest sister is going through a phase- she will only eat spaghetti noodles with margarine and cheese. My mom had five girls, she said by the fifth one all you can do is shrug and say ‘she will learn.’

I like using that cheese as a weird ground beef casserole that looks atrocious but tastes amazing.

Comment by kaitlovesfood

Your mom is one wise woman! I hope you share your cheesy casserole recipe someday. Weird things are often the most delicious.

Comment by The Opinionated Foodie

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