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Seriously? This Is Getting Ridiculous: The Pioneer Woman’s Blue Cheese Steak

The PW is coming out with a new cookbook in the fall!

I am not sure if excitement is appropriate though.

The PW’s book is all about celebrations. That could be a great thing, as I see it. Paula Deen’s cookbook about celebrations, Paula Deen and Friends is one of my favorites. I have many tried and true recipes from it. Of course, all that was before Paula went and destroyed her career the old-fashioned way-by crying on national TV. Still, I like the recipes, so celebration recipes may be a plus for PW.

Also, the last PW cookbook was full way too many animal/kid pictures. I could just imagine the cat hair in my food as I looked at Miss Kitty while cooking. Same thing with all the dogs. And the kids. Blech. Plus, all the dang cows. Do you know why we call Beef beef? Because calling it cow is a little too uncomfortable. Know what? So is looking at beautiful pictures of them while cooking them. Too close to home, my friend.

Another thing, I have tried too many recipes from PW #2 that have not turned out like I (and hopefully PW) had planned. Case in point:

Rib-eye Steak with Onion-Blue Cheese Sauce.

My spin on this little recipe here went like this:

I decided to follow PW bit by bit except for one thing-the onions. Instead of one onion in a skillet, I made two on the grill along with the steak.

Lovely. We grill onions all the time. I followed everything else to a T. I added the cream and the seasonings. I had high hopes.
I also tweaked the steaks just a small bit. Instead of smearing the butter at room temperature, I melted it first. No big deal.
At the end of the grilling time, I added the blue cheese to the sauce as the steaks were all but done.
How was it?

Now, I love blue cheese. This was not quite what I expected, however. One could argue that I fixed the dish wrong because it was prepared totally on the grill.

One could also be wrong.

I used two onions over very high heat. I allowed it to bubble as the recipe said. So the sauce should have been thick like the non-cat photo of the sauce, right?

It wasn’t. It was a thin, liquidy, blue cheese gravy-type thing. Not what I had planned.

Taste-wise, it wasn’t bad, but the runniness nullified the deliciousness. A good steak needs very little help from a sauce. I can make a great steak without the extra work of making a sauce that may or may not be worth the effort.

So, the new PW cookbook is something I will purchase with caution. She’s just burned me one too many times with recipes that aren’t worth the pictures of her dogs.

On the bright side, cookbook number three might be the charm. We’ll just have to wait and see…



Blue Cheese Tomatoes on the Grill

Inspired by our recent meal at McGuire’s Irish Pub, the hubs and I decided to try to recreate their tomatoes.
Not having a clue or a recipe, we improvised. We sliced four tomatoes in half around the middle and scooped out the insides.
Then, we drizzled olive oil across the tops and stuffed each one with blue cheese.

Actually, it was gorgonzola, but who would ever notice, right?

We grilled them for just a few minutes over my sister’s charcoal grill. They could have used a few more minutes, but we took them off when the cheese melted and the tomatoes were just starting to turn on the bottom.
They were good, but the crowd consensus was that they were for blue cheese lovers only.

Summer Grilling: Pork Shoulder on the Grill
June 25, 2012, 1:47 pm
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School is out, but my mind is still there. Next year, I get to change from a subject I have been with for fifteen years to a new and exciting one.

I can sleep in as long as my two little summer kiddos will let me. Which isn’t late enough for me.

The beach is calling my name. The sun needs me under it.

My kitchen, long abandoned and forgotten, is coming back to life. Softball and soccer are over for now, and summer camps are starting up. I know have time to cook again.

Time to grill!

For my first grill of the summer, I went big. Way big.

I grilled a whole pork shoulder over charcoal.

I started out by searing the big daddy on all sides. Then, I put it in a grill-proof pan to cook low and slow. In the pan, I added two cans of soda, salt, pepper, and three jalepenos. I let it go for about four hours.

It was yummy.

We sliced it. We made sandwiches. We ate it on salads. We had it for breakfast.

Ah, gotta love summer…

Grilled Ribeye Sandwiches
July 12, 2011, 12:53 am
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Here in the South, it is hot as blue blazes. The temp is in the triple digits. That means supper is done outside.


And the simpler, the better.

Tonight, we had ribeye steak sandwiches.

Easy. Easy. Easy.

I took two thin sliced ribeyes and marinated them in Dale’s. Then, I briefly grilled them on a preheated grill.

Grilled Ribeye Sandwiches

I brought them in after about five minutes, tented them with aluminum foil, and toasted two buttered hamburger buns. When the buns were done, I used them to soak up the juice on the steak plate. I assembled them by folding the steaks in two between the toasted, juicy buns.

Done. My husband added mayo to his. It was too hot for me to go to all that trouble. They didn’t need it anyway.

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