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Summer Grilling: Pork Shoulder on the Grill
June 25, 2012, 1:47 pm
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School is out, but my mind is still there. Next year, I get to change from a subject I have been with for fifteen years to a new and exciting one.

I can sleep in as long as my two little summer kiddos will let me. Which isn’t late enough for me.

The beach is calling my name. The sun needs me under it.

My kitchen, long abandoned and forgotten, is coming back to life. Softball and soccer are over for now, and summer camps are starting up. I know have time to cook again.

Time to grill!

For my first grill of the summer, I went big. Way big.

I grilled a whole pork shoulder over charcoal.

I started out by searing the big daddy on all sides. Then, I put it in a grill-proof pan to cook low and slow. In the pan, I added two cans of soda, salt, pepper, and three jalepenos. I let it go for about four hours.

It was yummy.

We sliced it. We made sandwiches. We ate it on salads. We had it for breakfast.

Ah, gotta love summer…


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