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The Christmas Cookie Cake: I Think I’ve Figured It Out

I think I’ve got it!

To fix the recipe I tried earlier, I tried a few things differently, and it worked out pretty well.


I divided my dough into two, and instead of baking the cookies in a cake pan, I flattened them on a cookie sheet. It was much easier to remove to cool.  They weren’t perfect, but they worked. Next time, I may bake them on the round cake pans turned upside down.


Then, I mixed the Nutella with the sugared pecans while they were still warm. Much easier to spread.


The best improvement was the cream cheese. I creamed two boxes of softened cream cheese with one cup of sugar. It was so smooth and creamy.


I forgot to save a little dough to make a little decoration on the top. Next time, I’ll try it.

The cake was great, if I do say so myself.  A keeper for sure.

More details are on my post from earlier this month. Please check it out.

I hope you try it too.


Christmas Cookie Cake: A Work in Progress







I have come up with yet another brilliant recipe. 

Of course, I am kidding. I have come up with an idea at least, and it needs a little work.

For the Christmas party we had last weekend, I made Nutella, sugared pecans, and cream cheese wrapped in crescent rolls that were split in two.  They were good, but they didn’t go very far.

After a trip to Sam’s this weekend, I had a jumbo box of sugar cookie mix to work with. Sweet. Since Tuesday was my day to take a Christmas snack for our faculty, I decided to experiment! Woohoo!

Teachers will eat anything. They make excellent guinea pigs.

My first thought was to stuff the sugar cookies with my Nutella, cream cheese, and pecan idea. That, however, would be time consuming. Not interested.

There’s a reason why I don’t make the cute cupcakes that everyone loves. They take too stinkin’ long.

Second thought-make two large sugar cookies and layer the filling like a layered cake. Simple-check. Easy-check. Not too time consuming-check.  So, that’s what I did.

I made the cookie mix as directed on the box, and then I split the mix in half.  In two round cake pans, I flattened each half of the mixture and baked them for nine minutes.

When they cooled, I attempted to the turn them out onto my cake stand. Even though I sprayed the boogers with non-stick spray beforehand, they still stuck to the pan. They messier of the two went on the bottom. 

Then, I scattered the pecans over the large non-perfect cookie and attempted to cover that with Nutella.  It was a hot mess.  The Nutella would not spread and the pecans would not stay put. What I ended up doing was scraping the pecans off and mixing them with the Nutella for a smoother spread.  I thinly sliced an eight ounce block of cream cheese and covered the whole shebang with the cream cheese slices.

Finally, I topped it all off with the second large cookie and a good sprinkle of powdered sugar to cover any character flaws.

The next day, I took my experiment to school and left it on the faculty lounge table for the starving masses. When I went back at the end of the day, most of it was gone which means it was a success.

Again, though, I don’t read too much into that. They’re not what you’d call picky eaters.

What I want to work on is the filling. It was good, but it wasn’t creamy like I like cream cheese fillings to be.  I may cream the cream cheese with a little sugar next time.

This weekend will be the next time.  We have a Christmas gathering for my family.

Oh, the craziness.
Oh, the drama.
Oh, the culinary knowledge.

It’ll all be there in spades, and I think I’ll try this cookie cake again.

Stay tuned, Foodie Friends.

Christmas-ish Cookies
December 7, 2011, 12:01 am
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I am not a food decorator. Fancy is not the name of my game.

Cupcakes and the sort are gorgeous when all fixed up. You know, after I buy them from someone else who has talent.

The Helper and I decided to make Christmas cookies tonight. The trees are lit, and the holiday music is blaring. It was worth a shot.

Unfortunately, the best thing I had to pipe our icing with was a modified turkey injector. Add that issue to the fact that I have no decorating skills at all, and I believe we were actually a little successful.

At least the taste good.

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