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The Christmas Cookie Cake: I Think I’ve Figured It Out

I think I’ve got it!

To fix the recipe I tried earlier, I tried a few things differently, and it worked out pretty well.


I divided my dough into two, and instead of baking the cookies in a cake pan, I flattened them on a cookie sheet. It was much easier to remove to cool.  They weren’t perfect, but they worked. Next time, I may bake them on the round cake pans turned upside down.


Then, I mixed the Nutella with the sugared pecans while they were still warm. Much easier to spread.


The best improvement was the cream cheese. I creamed two boxes of softened cream cheese with one cup of sugar. It was so smooth and creamy.


I forgot to save a little dough to make a little decoration on the top. Next time, I’ll try it.

The cake was great, if I do say so myself.  A keeper for sure.

More details are on my post from earlier this month. Please check it out.

I hope you try it too.


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