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Blue Cheese Tomatoes on the Grill

Inspired by our recent meal at McGuire’s Irish Pub, the hubs and I decided to try to recreate their tomatoes.
Not having a clue or a recipe, we improvised. We sliced four tomatoes in half around the middle and scooped out the insides.
Then, we drizzled olive oil across the tops and stuffed each one with blue cheese.

Actually, it was gorgonzola, but who would ever notice, right?

We grilled them for just a few minutes over my sister’s charcoal grill. They could have used a few more minutes, but we took them off when the cheese melted and the tomatoes were just starting to turn on the bottom.
They were good, but the crowd consensus was that they were for blue cheese lovers only.


Irish Boxty’s
July 8, 2011, 3:42 pm
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After eating at McGuire’s Pub, I decided to try to replicate their appetizer Irish Boxty’s.

With no recipe or clue, I set out to make the tasty treats for my family.

My Version of Irish Boxty's

It went something like this:
I boiled a pound of small red potatoes (the only kind I had) until the were tender. I drained them and let them cool on the counter for a while. Then, I peeled them pretty easily; the skins came right off.

I made a mixture of 1/2 cup of parmesean, 1/2 cup of Romano, and a stick of butter, softened. I mashed the potatoes a little, and then I mixed the butter and cheeses in too.

When that was well mixed, I formed seven golf-ball sized balls of potatoes. I coated those in Panko breadcrumbs, and put them in the refrig to cool.

At dinner time, I fried the potatoes for about four minutes. I sprinkled them with a little extra parm.

They were good, but nothing in the world like the Boxty’s at McGuire’s which had a yummy hushpuppy-ishness about them. Mine were like a potato pancake ball.

They weren’t difficult, expensive, or time-consuming. The Panko had a good crunch, and the butter and cheeses were creamy and rich. They weren’t gross, so I might make them again someday. It’s just that they weren’t the same.

Maybe next time I’ll use a recipe.

McGuire’s Irish Pub

The Appetizer-Irish Boxtys with Three Sauces

McGuire’s Irish Pub was not my choice today. I thought it would be a good idea to try local Destin seafood, but the lure of the Irish to the rest of my family won out. Irish it was.

We walked right in and had excellent service. Our charming Irish waiter helped us decide on lunch.

What he helped us find was one of the best meals we have had in a while.

Fish and Chips

The 18 Cent Bean Soup

Best Steak in Destin-Now Served with Blurry Potatoes! (Sorry, it was dark in there.)

We started with the Boxtys, potatoes which are round like a hushpuppy, coated, and fried. Yummy. They are served with three sauces-sweet and sour, horseradish sour cream, and guacamole. Weird and delish. Just the way I like it. 

Then, we enjoyed our 18 cent bowls of Senate Soup. A good Southern girl can immediately spot the ham and good white beans in this warm and satisfying soup.

I had the authentic fish and chips served on newspaper. The fish was crunchy, and the fries were the best I have had in Destin.

But what my husband ordered beat it all. The steak. I usually avoid ordering steak at a restaurant because they are usually so disappointing. I mean, steak isn’t rocket science. Beef. Fire. Salt. Yet, I have had some of the worst steaks in my life in restaurants. I can do better at home.

McGuire’s, though, knows steaks, and they are known for them and rightfully so. I only got a few bites since my husband was nice enough to share, but they were the best bites of steak I have had in a while. Chargrilled and seasoned perfectly, the steaks hit the mark.

Our bill was very reasonable, and the service was good. 

Go to McGuire’s.  It was worth the trip.
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