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Hot Dog, It’s Good!
September 30, 2011, 10:45 pm
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Why in the world do I love to eat hot dogs at Sonic? Hot dogs are so generic. Unless you are at a bonfire or ballgame, there really is no reason to eat them.


My Grandaddy used to prepare his hotdogs in a tall glass of hot water. He would let them set in the hot water and then eat them then and there.

My brother-in-law feeds his spoiled rotten Bassett Hound a Nathan’s hotdog every night.

Every fall, we get together with friends and roast hotdogs over a blazing bonfire on the back forty of a friend’s farm.

Mr. Picky loves hot dogs with no grill marks served with mustard from his own personal mustard bottle.

One of the best hotdogs I ever ate was at Neyland Stadium in Knoxville, Tennessee with my sweetie. We were watching Tennessee battle Alabama. It was my first Vol game ever.

There you go, I guess. Memories.

I adore the line of hotdogs at Sonic. I amaze myself everytime I bypass the cheeseburgers to order a hotdog. Then, I embarrass myself as I scarf down my hotdog like a wild woman in the front seat of the car. In broad daylight. In front of other people. In just a few bites.

Embarrassing. But worth it.

Gotta love a hot dog.


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