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Life Is Too Short to Eat Plain Burgers
March 26, 2014, 12:53 am
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Inspired by the husband’s taste buds, supper tonight was a burger, seasoned only with salt. The burger was on a buttered bun slathered with smooth peanut butter. You also had a granny smith apple that had been sauteed in butter and brown sugar. Finally, bacon.

It’s a keeper, my friends. Just fabulous.




The PB and B
March 20, 2012, 9:47 pm
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Few experiences are as fun for me as sharing new foods with my kids.

Granted, one of them only eats new foods if the foods are made of bread, cheese, chicken nuggets, or some combination of the three. The other one eats anything and everything including oysters and sauerkraut. Still I try to introduce them to new things and enjoy the fun.

Today, when the time came for our usual after-school snack, I found the ingredients needed to make a new food experience for the both of them-the PB and B aka the peanut butter and banana sandwich.

I loved these sandwiches growing up, and I believe these were one of the first foods I made. Coming home from school every day, I was always starving, and I could make one of these easily. The mashed banana mixed equally with the smooth-never crunchy-peanut butter filled me up until supper, and I could make it whenever I needed a snack.

Plus, it reminded me of the King’s favorite sandwich. Thank you, thank you very much.

So today was my chance to share my culinary memory of the PBB. One kid refused to even try, of course. The other kid ate every bite, of course.

It was still fun and yummy.

Who knows, maybe soon one of them will be making this favorite for me.


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