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Thank Goodness for FB: My Friend Trish’s Peach Sandwiches

We all have many kinds of Facebook friends. I know I do. 

For example, the first kind of FB friend is the friend who is really, really a friend.  My momma is my example of this. 

And, I have the friends who were once friends but now not so much. Several of my friends from high school fit into this category.

I have the type of friend who is not really a friend but you have to have them as FB friends anyway because you have no choice.  My creepy cousins and a few people I work with, for example.

Friends who make me wonder why in the world I am FB friends with them-like the girl with the scary Jon Benet-ish pageant kid pictures that I just can’t look away from.  *Shiver* 

I also have the friends who were never really friends on the first place, but I want to see what they are doing because I am nosey.  Several of my sorority sisters who may or may not have been mean to me fit into that category. 

Then, you have the friend you know but don’t really know until you reconnect on FB. A friend you had all but forgotten about until one fateful friend request.  That’s my friend Trish.  This gal’s got it all-deep Southern roots, a story telling ability partnered with the keen sense of how things work on the page, a sense of humor I love, a handsome and smart family, a Doctorate. 

And? This girl can Cook with a capital c

One day this summer, amid the dull daily updates-“I’m having cereal for breakfast!”and the blurbs from random cousins who use way, too, many, commas, I found a picture of a sandwich.  This sandwich was way prettier than my sorority sister’s scary pageant kid.  It had bacon.  Cream cheese.  Peaches.  Wow.

My FB friend Trish was the maker of this wonder, and I immediately messaged her as only FB friends can do to ask her permission to share this magical sandwich with you.

And she, being a good-hearted Southern woman, said yes.

Behold, people.  This is what having a good FB friend can get you:


 My version of the real thing goes like this:

One package of peppered bacon

One square of cream cheese, softened

2 T Basil-I used dried.  Trish used fresh.  You do what you gotta to do. 

Two fresh peaches-good ones from late in the season

Good, fresh Italian bread

  1. Cook your bacon but not until crispy.  You want the bacon just up to crispy but not there yet.  Mine was overdone.  Drain on a paper towel.
  2. In a small bowl, mix your cream cheese and the basil.  This is gonna be sooo pretty!
  3. Peel and slice the peaches.  Slice them pretty thick. 
  4. Assemble-bread, basil cream cheese, peaches, bacon, bread.  Yum.


Our book club is a friendly place where we eat delicious food.  However, I always like to have the best dish.  Even though no one else knows we are competing, I mentally keep score.  Let me tell you, it is hard to win.  My momma is in our book club.  So are many of my teacher friends who can bake anyone under the table.  One girl is the sandwich queen; her chicken salad is to die for.  Then there is my friend who is also our vet.  That girl can flat out put anything on a cracker, and it will be delish. 

 The competition is imaginary yet fierce.

 Well, this summer, I made these sandwiches for one of our meetings.  They were a hit to say the least.  Everyone had to know what they were and what was in them. I heard over and over, “Where did you get the recipe?”

 My response? I humbly (or not) said, “My friend Trish.  She is a professor in South Carolina.  I’ve known her for years!  She let me borrow the recipe.”  I sounded sooo cool saying that!

 I do believe I won that month at book club.  All thanks to these bacon and peach sandwiches and my friend Trish.


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