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The Steamer and Baked Oyster Bar-Gulf Shores, Alabama

When we ate at The Steamer, it was almost the end of our trip in Gulf Shores. We had almost had our fill of fresh seafood, and we were almost out of places to eat. For some reason, we decided to try this place. It was off the main road and smack dab beside a souvenir shop-you know, the one with the shark in the front and pirate ship in the back.

The wait? Looong, but we were fine.

Our expectations and appetites weren’t very demanding.

The atmosphere? From where we were seated, blech.

When we were seated after the very long wait, we were given probably the worst table in the place. It was across from the hostess stand and directly by the entrance outside. We were so close to the people waiting that people were staring at our food. One guy actually leaned over the railing and asked for some crackers.

The food? Outstanding.


My sister started out with the crab bisque, and she was nice enough to share a bite. It was the best ever. I dream about it during boring teacher meetings. Top notch, I tell ya.
Mr. Opinionated and I shared the Big Lagoon Steamer Tray. Divine.
See how good it was?

Not one person in our group had a bad meal even if our table wasn’t the best.

Luckily, or unluckily, we loved, loved, loved The Steamer.

Luckily, because we had such good food.

Unluckily, because we ate there so late in our trip, and we didn’t have a chance to go back on that trip. However, The Steamer is now on our list of places to eat in Gulf Shores.
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Gulf Shores on Dwellable

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