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How a Princess Eats Pasta
June 11, 2013, 3:03 pm
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Having a sibling who is a picky eater can not be easy.

Having two kids, I don’t mind making a separate item for lunch or dinner for them to eat. I don’t mind cooking something extra at all. I know several parents who insist that the children eat what the adults eat at the family dinner table. I have a friend who makes one thing, and if the kids do not eat it, the kids don’t eat.

I call that child abuse by Hamburger Helper.

I don’t adhere to the “You eat what we eat” rule for several reasons. First, I would rather make something that they will eat than deal with hungry and grouchy children. Also, I understand not wanting to eat what someone else has picked out for you to eat. Sometimes foods just don’t sound or look appealing. Another reason, I don’t mind cooking. I love it. So, to make an extra dish or even extra dinner is not a big deal. Making macaroni and cheese for them to eat while we eat pork chops keeps the peace and the sanity.

I’ll take all of those things that I can get.

I usually only make one extra thing. I like to cook, but I can’t do it all day, for heaven’s sake.

Mr. Picky has only a handful of food he likes, bless his heart. He likes cheese, bread, spaghetti, macaroni, chicken in random chunk forms, and variations on these things put together. If I don’t feed him a form of food from this short list, he will not eat. He is not acting in protest. It’s more like he doesn’t have to eat. Food is something he could give or take.

I don’t know that feeling at all.

Sometimes his sister takes a hit when the choices on the table aren’t to her liking. That isn’t very often, though. She’ll eat anything. Not being the picky eater, though, she is not who I cater to.

One go to meal for the both of them is pasta with butter, a splash of olive oil, and parmesan cheese on top. I cook the pasta and then stir everything in while it is all still warm.

It suits Mr. Picky just fine. He will eat and eat and eat. Miss Helper?
She knows how to make do. Thank goodness she can eat almost anything.

Especially with purple and green sprinkles on top.


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