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Soul Food/Duck Dynasty Appetizers

The oldest Foodie sister was the appetizer course this year for our family’s progressive dinner. She did not disappoint.  She went all out.

She, like many of us, has recently fallen in love with Duck Dynasty.  I adore that show.  In the food truck/guys on strike because of uniforms episode, Miss Kay sells her boudin from a food truck when she has unexpected leftovers.  (I tell you what, if Miss Kay ever comes out with a cookbook, there is a special place on my counter next to Trisha, Paula, and Ree just for her book. She? Rules.)  That boudin episode was the sister’s inspiration.

So, we were feasting on Duck Dynasty soul food.  It was like a brush with greatness.  I felt like a celebrity!

Well, a celebrity who makes duck calls from Louisiana, at least.


We had alligator bites.  I ate more than my fair share.  Not to be cliché, but they did taste like chicken.


Shrimp and cheesy grits with bacon-one of the sister’s specialties.   I had two helpings.


Pork boudin here served on one of our grandmother’s platters, I think.  I liked it.


We also ate these boudin bites, but I heard they were spicy.  I didn’t eat one, but the ones who did said they were good.


Crawfish pies-again I heard spicy so I skipped these.


Boudin balls.


Finally, alligator boudin.  The sister did a fabulous job, and we all tried something new and exciting.  That’s an accomplishment for our group.

While at a different party early this Christmas, a friend of ours who is originally from Louisiana explained boudin to us.  According to him, real boudin is blood sausage.

I wish he hadn’t told me that.

I was too chicken to try most of the boudin, but what I did eat was good.  It makes me wonder why Miss Kay had leftovers.

And, I also wonder how she makes it.  Where is that cookbook, Miss Kay?


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