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Dewey’s-St. Louis, Missouri
December 10, 2012, 11:47 pm
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Someday, I want to live in St. Louis.  It is the perfect town, in my opinion.  Even though it is west of the Mississippi, it still has a Southern vibe.  The suburbs are neat and fun.  There are well-to-do spots as well as down home spots.  Museums, shops, and activities abound.  You can do so much there.  I love my Tennessee home, but St. Louis is my future home, even if just for a while.  I just love it.

Plus, they have Dewey’s.


We try to go to St. Louis every other year or so.  This year, we made our usual trek to the Magic House.  Our kids just love that place, and I think it is quite neat too.  We left around lunch time with no clue where to catch a bite.  We left the Magic House and just turned onto a street and drove.  The GPS led us to a small neighborhood where we were going to try a spot to eat.  We found a place to park and started to walk that way.  As we were waiting on the light to change to cross the street, we noticed that we were right outside this pizza place called Dewey’s.  We were hungry, and the light wasn’t changing fast enough.  We went in.

I don’t think it is too dramatic here to call our experience “life changing.”

Seriously, it was good.

I started out with the Harvest Salad, a seasonal salad that featured figs, bacon, a soft cheese, pumpkin seeds, and an apple cider vinegrette.

067Normally when something has bacon, it is the star of the show.  Not here.  The whole thing was so good and balanced.  I had never had figs before, and I have been looking for them around here ever since to no avail.  Another reason to move to St. Louis, right there.

069Our pizza was perfect.  My half of the pizza was the Edgar Allan Poe, and not just because I am a fan of “The Raven” but that didn’t hurt.  Mr. Opinionated’s half was The Bronx Bomber.  The kids had cheese.  All three flavors were great and fresh.

112I love St. Louis even more now after finding this joint.  Maybe I could even work there one day! Dare to dream…


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