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Another Hot Mess: Cake Pops
December 9, 2012, 8:25 pm
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Going to Toys-r-Us with two kids within three months of Christmas has to be the worst idea ever.  Their minds are filled with the greatest of expectations from the toy commercials that constantly bombard them, and then the toy aisles are filled to the ceiling with the material realizations of those expectations.

It is a bad, bad place to take a kid in December.

For some reason that must have made a lot of sense at the time, we recently had to go in Toys-r-Us.  We got what we needed, and then both kids were allowed to get one small item.  No problem for Mr. Picky.  He is actually very easy to please and entertain.  It only takes him moments to find something that he can be happy with for a long while.  He made it out of there with a small trinket and a smile on his face.

And then there was his sister.

After looking for many, many minutes and not finding any satisfaction in anything less than $20, I had had it with her.  Finally, though, we found something we thought we both could love:

058Don’t those kids look happy? Couldn’t Miss Helper and I be that happy too? Don’t we love cake? Yes, yes, and yes!

So, we took our sanity-or at least what was left-and our cake pop kit home to make some awesome cake pops and be happy with shiny, smooth hair like the kids on the box and just like the Christmas-time commerical had promised.


The cake pops on the box. We could do this, right?

We followed the directions and worked our little hearts out.  Little Miss Helper and I baked and shreadded that cake like nobody’s business.  We mixed in the frosting and dipped those balls in that melted chocolate.  This was going to be awesome!

054Ours weren’t too shabby, if I do say so myself.  We put sprinkles on a few,  and we left them to cool as directed by the shiny haired girls’ directions.


Cake pops in real life.

Later, somehow gravity began to work against us and the heavy chocolate began to drop like poop.  It was bad.  Miss Helper wanted nothing to do with them, and I must say they didn’t look too appetizing.  Another Christmas commerical proven wrong.

We didn’t even bother to finish them.  We just chunked them and put the box in the closet where it shall gather dust until we are bored enough to get it back out.

I hope the cake pop fad dies, and soon.

Next time I will push for her to get a Barbie.



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Hilarious! – and a bit daunting since I have a cake pop box sitting in my cupboard just waiting for my very own Little Miss Helper to remember that it is there…

Comment by baking bohemian

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