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Adventures with Duck
November 10, 2012, 12:59 pm
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It is almost duck season.  Even though we live in the throws of Redneck Nation and we have some prime duck hunting land almost within sight of our home, we are not big hunters.  My daddy didn’t hunt, and neither did my grandaddy.  We had cows, and my grandaddy had pigs which we ate, but that was about as close to hunting as we got when I was growing up.

Well, that and the occasional road kill-which we never ate.  We’re not that redneck.

Regardless of our lack of hunting lineage, last year Mr. Opinionated got invited to go on a duck hunt with some friends.  He had a weapon and just enough camo so as not to embarrass himself, so he went.  When he came home, he had four of the most beautiful creatures you have ever seen.  They were these beautiful, colorful ducks that had been previously flying through the clear blue sky, but they were now in the back of the truck waiting on me to cook them.  Great.

Now, I have eaten every kind of wild animal-duck, raccoon, deer, all kinds of birds, even barbecued goat.  However, the wildest things I had ever cooked were mushrooms and wild rice.  Let me tell you, they put up quite a fight too.

Luckily, a friend or two had some wise duck cooking advice.  I was to soak the duck for at least a day in Italian dressing.  Then, I was to drain the duck and then do with it as I pleased.

I guess I could have tried to be really fancy with the duck, but this opportunity to cook duck may not ever occur again.

The plan was to stuff the duck breast with cream cheese and a jalapeno and then wrap that in bacon.  It was a little cool outside, or we would have tried the duck on the grill.  Instead, we baked some and pan-fried some.

The problem was that the stuffing of the duck didn’t work out too well.  I got tired of butterflying the duck because it was a huge mess.  Some of the duck got bacon one top rather than wrapped around since the bacon didn’t hold and the cream cheese was runny well before the duck was done.  I think a better idea would have been to cut the duck into small pieces and then go from there with the cream cheese and such then the bacon wrapped around that.

It was a hot mess.

Mr. Opinionated like the duck anyway.  The best tasting of the ways we prepared it was the pan-fried.  He liked them all much better than I did.

I thought it was a little too thick tasting, if that makes any sense.  The dark meat was a turn off for me, I guess.  It probably did not work out for me very well since I had just seen these pretty birds with their beautiful feathers in my yard just a few days before.  I really don’t like the idea of meeting my food face to face.  Ignorance is bliss there.  Besides, it definitely did not taste like chicken.

I guess eating duck, hunting duck, and duck cooking are an acquired taste.


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