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I Can’t Believe This Actually Worked: Pumpkin Pie
November 5, 2012, 12:18 am
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Yay! It is pumpkin pie season again! My husband is a big pumpkin pie fan as I have mentioned here before.  The way to his heart is through his stomach, and so pumpkin pie he shall have.   I like it too.  I usually like to keep my pumpkin pie simple.

Yesterday, though, I had no choice put to keep my pie simple.  I decided to make a pumpkin pie since I made a chicken pot pie and had an extra crust.  In a large bowl, I poured a can of pumpkin.  Then, I started looking for the other usual ingredients like evaporated milk and eggs.

I found none.

I love it when I do this to myself, and I do it often.  I will think I have everything I need, and then when I look for my ingredients, I have half of what my recipe calls for.  It is just sooo much fun to sabotage myself by not preparing ahead of time.

I’m kidding, of course.

There was no going back yesterday; the pumpkin was in the bowl, so to speak.  To it, I added one can of sweetened condensed milk, half a cup of sugar, a smidge of cinnamon, and a smidge of salt.  I had no eggs, milk, or cream to add, so it was anyone’s guess as to how this was going to turn out.

I baked it at 350 for one hour.

Believe it or not, the pie was actually very good.  The pie looked fine even though it was a little sticky since it was full of sugar.  It had a nice thick consistency, a pretty shiny color, and it baked through nicely.  I sliced a piece and topped it with some whipped cream.   When we tasted it, it was very, very sweet, but it was a caramelly type of sweet not a sugary type of sweet.  I believe with a nice caramel decoration on top, this could pass as a caramel pumpkin pie and be believable as a recipe done on purpose.

I can not believe this actually worked.  Of course, next time I try to make it, I won’t have all the ingredients.  Sigh….


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I love pumpkin pie! I can’t remember whether I have a can of evaporated or condensed milk so I might run into the same problem soon when I make a pie from all my canned pumpkin 🙂

Comment by Marisa @ uprootfromoregon

I guess canned pumpkin is pretty versatile stuff-good luck with your pie and I hope it is delicious!

Comment by The Opinionated Foodie

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