The Opinionated Foodie: The Love (or Not) of Food and Everything That Goes with It

Rare Treats: A Great Foodie Weekend

Ah, gotta love a great weekend.

Friday night, we ate at the home of some friends from church. Actually, he is one of the associate ministers at our church, so he’s like the principal at church.  Gulp.   They had asked me ahead of time if our family had any preferences about what to eat.  Not wanting to be difficult, I said no.  In reality, as you may  know, Mr. Picky eats only cheese, cheese products, crackers, bread, pizza, and/or chicken nuggets/strips.

When we got there, I was kind of sweating my decision not to disclose our food issues.  I worried that WWIII would erupt if Mr. P didn’t eat.  I also worried about offending our gracious hosts, who were friends but obviously not super close friends like those who know that Mr. P eats only orange goldfish.  This dinner could have been bad.

In the driveway, I gave the usual “be good or else” speech that I always give before we exit the vehicle anywhere we are, but I also added to Mr. P that I wanted him to be nice and try the food.  He said he would.

And, if I may shout it from the mountaintops, “MR. PICKY ATE FOUR BITES OF SALAD!!”

That’s right. The kid who only eats orange food ate salad.  It was waiting for him at his place on the table when he sat down, and he added a little cheese and took some bites.  I am not over stating the truth when I say that it was a miracle.  Later, he rolled around on the carpet like he was on fire and got his feet all over their furniture, but I was still proud.

We may be invited back.

Then, last night was the last night of the annual county fair.  The rides, exhibits, shows, and such were fine, but the true moment of the night was the funnel cake.  Good lawd, that stuff is good.  Even Mr. Picky tried some and liked it-the second thing to try in one weekend.  I wanna kiss whoever invented funnel cake with my sloppy, powdered sugar-coated mouth.

I can’t wait to go back next year.  The rumor was that they also had fried cookie dough.  I didn’t try it, but only because I couldn’t find it.

Maybe next time.

Finally, tonight I broke a cardinal family rule.  I am a wild woman living on the edge here.

See, my momma taught me a lot of good stuff.  I get mostly the good stuff from her.  I get my opinionated side from Daddy.  I am plenty proud of both. Regardless, Momma taught my sisters and me many great things.  One thing that I stick to is that I never make supper on Sunday night.  She never did, and I don’t either, much to Mr. Opinionated’s dismay.

Tonight, however, I made supper.  Using the term loosely here, I “cooked” chicken salad, tomato and basil soup, and mac and cheese all fresh from the microwave.  It was a rare treat that made Mr. Opinionated pretty happy.  His happiness could also be attributed to Mr. Peyton Manning’s first game as a Bronco, but we may never know.

It was a great weekend indeed.


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