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Facebook Friends and Fried Red Tomatoes

Facebook has once again come through for me in a good way.

Of course I enjoy reading about my “friend’s” fascinating new shoes, or they fact that they rode a bike today, or that they know someone who knows someone who is the brother of the drummer for Train-all true posts, by the way. Such fun.

What I really enjoy, however, is when a friend posts about food. Now that is good stuff.

One day this summer in the middle of our tomato season, a friend of mine from college was tagged in a picture by her mother.  The picture was of fried red tomatoes, something I had never heard of before.  In the post, which I read because I am nosey, her mom explained that the recipe was a Minnesota (or somewhere up North) thing. My friend commented on how delicious they were.

That, my friends, is Facebook gold.

So, not being one to pass up a culinary challenge, I tried it out.  I followed my friend’s mom’s directions and sliced four tomatoes into thick pieces.  Then, I coated them in flour seasoned with salt, pepper, and basil.  In a pan with melted butter, I let them fry for about three minutes on each side, and then I let them set on a paper towel to drain.

Yesssssh.  I had one straight out of the pan, and then another, and then another.  I have to say that the longer they cooled, the better they were.

I also tried this Northern recipe with panko.  I liked them both ways.

Now, some would scoff at the thought of frying tomatoes-some have already, as a matter of fact. “That sounds like something I would never eat.”  What a shame.  Those same people may also be inclined to think that we Southerners eat nothing but fried food and have less than sub par grammar skills.   May I point out that these fried red tomatoes are not a Southern US food item, but they are a Northern US food delicacy.  May I also point out that we Southerners eat whatever we want because we are hard workers, and some of us have fantastic grammatical skills.  May I also point out that some of the grouchiest people I know are vegetarians.

Living is laughing, loving, and eating awesome food that may or may not be fried in butter.  Most likely, though, butter will be involved.

Life is also about keeping up with “friends” on Facebook-even if on most days Facebook is only good for checking out what kind of cereal my former college roommate’s kids are eating for breakfast (Yay.) .  I’ll still keep checking in-just for recipes like this to feed my happy Southern self.


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