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Over the Top at The Hangout-Gulf Shores, Alabama

While on vacation, we went to The Hangout once for breakfast. It was fun, fun, fun.

Before we left, we picked up a menu. We do this a lot to remember where we have been and what we ate while there.

When we returned to our vacation house, we looked over the menu, and I spotted a dish I had to have-the shrimp and lobster corn dog duet.

Yeah, baby.

I had to have it-all $35 worth.

So, we went. When we returned for lunch later in the week, we started with the oysters. I think we ordered oysters everywhere we went, and these were some of the best.

We also had the fried pickles. We are fried pickle people, and we liked how these were sliced long and thin.

Then, our entrees came. Mr. Picky continued his grilled cheese tour of the Gulf. Miss Helper had the shrimp. Mr. Opinionated had a burger-the size of his head.

He ranked this burger second on his list of all-time best right after the burgers we had on the way to vacation. It was a good trip for burgers.

My plate-unreal.

I had four corn dogs-two shrimp and two lobster.

The lobster corn dogs were good and sweet, but my favorite of the two was the shrimp. Eating a shrimp corn dog was not unlike eating regular fried shrimp, except for the stick. I think the stick added a fun, yet dangerous quality. Plus, Mr. Opinionated has always said that meat tastes better on a stick. I agree.

The Hangout has turned into a special place for us. I love it-the food, the fun kid activities like playing in the foam, the gift shop. Fun. I hope it replaces our normal first stop when we visit the gulf.

When the bill came, our total was over $100 for lunch. Sheesh. But, we had a fun time, we all enjoyed our meals, and I got to try something that I had never even heard of. In my opinion, that makes for a great lunch.


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