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“Don’t Worry. The House Isn’t on Fire. Mommy’s Just Cooking Again.”
August 11, 2012, 4:45 pm
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My sister’s birthday party is at my mother’s house. I asked what I could contribute to the festivities like I usually do. Usually, mother replies, “Nothing. Just bring yourself and the rest of your family.”

This time, she replies, “How about dessert?”

Oh, boy.

Now, those of you who read this random blog know that I choke under pressure. If people are coming over or the recipe may make money for a charity, I will almost always burn it.

We’re talking crispy here.

The dessert for the party isn’t for house guests. Nor is it for charity.

Nope. Worse than that. Family.

Oh, the pressure.

I decide to keep it simple. Simple is good, right? I asked the birthday girl what she wanted, and she told me anything was fine. I asked my family what they were in the mood for, and they replied brownies and banana pudding.

Easy, right?


I decided to make brownies out of a box. Check. I bought ice cream, the good kind. A can of the good whipped cream. Fine.

Then, I decide to make a homemade hot fudge sauce to go with the brownies. I’ve had better ideas.

The recipe I was using said to mix water, sugar, and corn syrup.  I had no corn syrup, so I just made do.  I added the water and sugar together in a small pot, and heated the mixture over high heat as the recipe said.  I was supposed to heat it until it turned a light brown color.

Ok.  I wasn’t sure how brown the light brown should be.

I learned pretty fast how much too much was.

What I ended up with was a thick, hot, gooey, smokey mess. The smoke detector might have gone off. Maybe. It wasn’t a happy event.

I needed a redo, and I needed the pan, so I poured the sugar-water fiasco in a bowl where it hardened to a dark, dark brown solid.

It took two days to get the hard as a rock stuff out.

I tried the sauce again, and it worked out better.

I added a cup of chopped chocolate chips.

I also got a little fancy and added a real vanilla bean. I sliced it in half and scrapped out the beans just like on tv. So exciting.

The brownies with ice cream, homemade sauce, and whipped cream turned out fine.  The banana pudding was also a hit.

And my sister had a nice birthday.

Next year, I’ll volunteer to bring the chips and paper plates.


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If you ever have a block of solid caramel stuck in a bowl again, pour some boiling water on it, that will clean it right up.

Comment by Nancy

Great idea! Thanks! We just left it in the sink and kept running warm water over it. It was a mess!

Comment by The Opinionated Foodie

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