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How to Be Cool with Tomatoes

Book Club this month was the book How to Be Cool by Johanna Edwards.  The book was bleh and predicatable, but the food was-as usual-very, very good.

Do I attend book club just for the food?


This month, we had a plethora of fresh garden tomato recipes, and they were a hit.

We had fresh salsa, mozzerella and tomato dip, tomato bread, tomato sandwiches, and of course, chicken salad.

I made steak and chicken quesidillas with guacamole with tomatoes and also spinach, tomato, and bacon dip.  My dishes were fine, but I had some other favorites.

One of my favorites was Amy’s broiled tomatoes.  I copied her dish by slicing two fresh tomatoes into quarter-inch slices.  In a glass casserole dish, I placed the tomatoes in a single layer and coated them with olive oil.  On top of that, I generously sprinkled salt, paper, basil, and Romano cheese.  I baked that in the oven at 350 for twenty minutes, and then I broiled them for two minutes.

They were delicious and so, so easy.  A few more minutes in the oven would not have hurt them, but I was happy the way they were.

A good use of the many, many tomatoes that are in the garden now.  Our tomatoey book club was fun, even if the book was not.


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Looks delicious!

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