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Never Trust a Fake Sailboat Captain-Flippers-Gulf Shores, Alabama

First order of business on vacation? A “sailboat” trip with lunch after.

We sailed the high seas-or at least we cruised a lagoon-for a while one morning on a boat with sails powered by a motor.  It was fun.  Afterward, we were ready for some lunch.  Our really super-friendly captain (read-creepy) suggested that we try Flippers, the small restaurant by the pier.  Captain Creepy told us how good the food was and suggested many items from the menu. Since we were starved when we got off the boat, and the door to the place was about ten steps from the dock, we decided to give Flippers a try instead of starving the whole way to another restaurant.

Good move? Sorta.

We were a large party, so we split into three groups. My group didn’t order any appetizers, so our service was fast and pretty good.  I had the seafood nachos.  They were fine, but not life changing or anything.

The rest of our tables got terrible service.  One group didn’t even get the complimentary ice cream and their waitress was rude.

Our captain, we figured, must have owned part of the joint or at least he got a kickback for recommending the place to us.  Maybe he got the missing ice cream.

Regardless, we now know to never trust a smiling/creepy “sailboat” captain when it comes to restaurants.

We will not be back to Flippers.


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