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The Peach Keeper

Book club this month was The Peach Keeper by Sarah Addison Allen.

The book was a nice, safe, happy read. Nothing was offensive. The language and innuendos were mild. The end was pleasant.

It was, in other words, a far cry from last month’s book, Fifty Shades of Grey.

And, in comparison, maybe a tad boring. Still a good book, though.

The food, however, was awesome. The theme, of course, was all things peachy.

The stars of the night, in my opinion, were two dishes. One, our vet friend made Southern Living’s marinated cheese. I have seen this recipe many times, but it looked a little too difficult to me. She took the time to make it, and it was divine. The cheeses were out of this world. So, so good.

My other favorite was the host’s spicy watermelon. She made this dish last year, and it was just as good this year. It was fresh and not too spicy. Love. Love. Love.

I made a hot mess with my dishes. Of course. When it comes to book club lately, I always seem to choke.

First, I made a Southern Living recipe that looked pretty interesting on paper-grilled peaches, onions, and bacon salad. Not having time to grill and it was too hot anyway, I made it in the house. I peeled and sliced five white peaches and macerated them in sugar. In a pan with a little oil, I sautéed an onion until it was nice and golden. On my griddle pan, I fried half a pound of bacon. When it was done on one side and almost done on the other, I covered it with brown sugar and pressed the sugar in letting it get good and hot. Meanwhile, I made the dressing according to the directions in the recipe.

I mixed the peaches, the onions, and the bacon after I chopped it into bite size pieces.

It was a pretty dish, and it wasn’t bad. My dressing was a little watery, but it was fine. Not really worth the time and effort, though. It needs tweaking. Maybe I’ll try again someday.

Doubt it.

I also made an attempt at a recipe I have done before, my friend Trish’s peach sandwiches. Only this time I made more of a dip type situation.

Why did I decide to mess with a good thing? Good question.

I used all the ingredients from before and then I chopped the fire out of them. I was going for an easier version but with the same taste as before.

Again, why is a good question here.

What happened was the pepper bacon made the whole shebang way peppery, which I thought was not a good thing. I asked my sister what she thought, thinking that she would be honest. She said it was fine.

Obviously she is not honest all the time. Since she doesn’t read this blog, I can say that.

She made potatoes wrapped in bacon with a sour cream sauce. Yum. Our mother made peach glazed ribs. We had a few fruit salsas and a great veggie pizza.

Good, good honest, peachy fun.


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Your post cracked me up.
I’ve been searching around for ideas of peachy-keen foods to make for my book club this week. I chose The Peachkeeper (in which I was sorely disappointed). I spend a lot of time looking at messy complicated interesting foods and then do not make them. I enjoyed reading your tales of actually giving the recipes a try. :o)

Comment by Katharine

Thanks! I hope your book club went well. Aren’t book clubs so much fun? I would love it even if the food wasn’t so good. I just might not attend as often!

Comment by The Opinionated Foodie

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