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Fifty Shades of Grey and “Vanilla” Sandwiches
June 5, 2012, 6:59 pm
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Book club this month was about That Book that everyone is talking about, Fifty Shades of Gray. The book and the food were very interesting, to say the least.

When I was trying to decide what to make for book club, it was a tough choice. I always try to match the theme of the book with my food. I had never in my life read a book quite like this one. It was very different.Since this book was mostly about only one thing, there weren’t very many culinary choices.

Something with cherries? Finger sandwiches? Or Paula Deen’s Better Than Sex Cake? Or a quiche, which we mispronounce as a quickie? Something spicy? My food linked to fornication experiences were limited.

Our discussion and the food, though, were good. We had the best chicken stir fry imaginable made from a friend’s mom’s recipe from her time living overseas in Japan. We also had Trisha Yearwood’s cheese straws and several great dips not related to “It.”

My sister made a quiche. She didn’t see the connection since she didn’t read the book. I thought that was hilarious.

We laughed our heads off talking about the book. Well, at least most of the book. We really couldn’t discuss the whole thing with turning fifty shades of red.


I finally figured to play it safe with a sandwich. A boring, vanilla sandwich made with turkey, ham, tomatoes, bacon, and avocado. It was delicious and as exciting as I wanted to get.



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I was glad I could, unknowingly, contrubute to the theme with my “quiche.” Much of the time, my contribututions are unaware to me! Funny. Older Sister

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