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Taking the Little Old Ladies Down: Banana Pudding Cheesecake from Southern Living

The magazine Southern Living has an effect on me. It either inspires me to change and rearrange my whole house and cook up a Southern storm, or I fall into a depression of knowing I can not measure up to its pages/standards. Sigh.

When I saw this recipe for banana pudding cheesecake in the magazine, for some reason, I decided to try it. I needed a cake for work and for a dessert auction at church. It looked so pretty and proper on the glossy, fancy pages. Plus, banana pudding and cheesecake in one dessert? I consider that miraculous. I knew I could never duplicate the cake exactly, but I was willing to try. My version would either be a disaster or the greatest thing ever.

Or, a mixture of both.

I followed the recipe the first time for work, and I decided after trying it that I needed to chop the bananas and the vanilla wafers in the crust smaller. Of course, the folks I work with will eat anything, and they ate most of the cake. Whether they ate it because it was delicious or just because it was there, I’ll probably never know. I liked it fine except for the overly chunky bananas.

I made this cheesecake again for a dessert auction fundraiser at church. The second time could have easily been the charm. Now, I wanted to help out with the cause at hand and participate to raise money for the youth of our church.

I also wanted to put some old women in their place. Last place.

*Evil laugh here.

I followed the recipe for this banana pudding cheesecake again this time chopping those bananas and vanilla wafers like nobody’s business. I also left off the cookies around the edges. They looked weird on the finished product. Those old women were going down.

At the auction, I presented my contribution beautifully and watched the price like a hawk. Success to me was having the highest price at the end of the silent auction even if no one else knew we were competing.


Old church women, take that.

In the end, my cake went for a nice sum of $40. It was not the highest price, dang it, but it was a lot more than several others. I consider that a victory of sorts.

It was all for the kids, anyway. Right.

It was fun to make this neat cheesecake, even if it was no where near the perfection found on the pages of the magazine.

I’ll be making this banana pudding cheesecake again someday. Old ladies, beware.

*Evil laugh one more time here.


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