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First Ice Cream of the Season: Cantaloupe

Much to my husband’s dismay, the first ice cream of the season is cantaloupe!

I adore ice cream in a hollowed out half of a cantaloupe, so it makes sense to me to put the two together. Plus, we have many, many ice creams to go. This is just the first of many flavors over the course of the spring and summer. Plus, ice cream is pretty cheap to make. If it is terrible, we just toss it out and try again.

His opinion is that all ice cream should be vanilla. Any flavor after that should be up to the ice cream eater later, and any flavor in the ice cream itself is a waste of good ice cream.

Welp. We are eating cantaloupe to start the 2012 ice cream season.

I sliced and diced one whole cantaloupe to start. I thought about smashing up several pieces so that each bite would have a bit of cantaloupe and the ice cream would have chunks as well as bits of cantaloupe. I decided, though, that leaving it chunky makes it easier for husbands who don’t think cantaloupe ice cream is a good idea to pick out the unwanted chunks.

You’re welcome, Mr. Opinionated.

I then added the normal ingredients that I use: a cup of sugar, a tablespoon of vanilla, a can of condensed milk, a cup of whipping cream, and milk to the top.

I poured it in the freezer and let it go to town.

I loved it.  The ice cream had a subtle hint of cantaloupe that I liked a lot.  The big chunks of cantaloupe were a little too hard to eat since they were frozen solid, so next time I will puree some and/or chop it into smaller pieces.  Most of the fruit was at the bottom which worked out well. 

This one’s a keeper.  Even if I was the only one who really liked it. 

My husband was a good sport, though.  He tried it.  Wonder if he will try the next flavor I have up my sleeve?


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