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Tired Brains and Cheddar Chip Burgers
April 6, 2012, 2:02 am
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It is that time of the school year.  Laziness has set in. Spring Break has just now arrived after staying away for too long.   My mind is tired, and my will to cook is weak.  The kitchen is not my favorite place for the time being.

My word, what have I become?

So tonight I was hungry but not hungry enough to put forth enough energy to really think about what I wanted to eat.  That meant the ole go to was for supper-burgers.

I actually came up with something pretty tasty. I owe it all to my husband.  One night while watching Food Network with me, he saw a burger that featured chips.  I love chips on sandwiches.  It was worth a shot.


I ended up patting out three half-pound burgers. I salted them liberally and then browned them on each side.  I finished them in a 300 degree oven for about eight minutes.  Then, I covered them with plain Baked Lays that I crushed, a slice of Cheddar, and a big dollop of Heinz Memphis Style BBQ Sauce.  I returned the whole shebang to the oven for five more minutes.

I really wished I had piled those toppings on even more.  I could have used more of a crunch from the chips and a punch from the sauce.  Also, when I eat a sandwich with BBQ sauce on it, I want to have the need for a shower after.  It needs to be that messy.  I just held back way too much.

Still, it wasn’t bad for no more thought than I put into it.  I hope my tired brain recuperates soon.


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I’m sorry, this just doesn’t sound GOOD to me … maybe if you had stopped at the beef patties?

Comment by Vinny Grette

That would make it bread, sauce, cheese, and chips. Yum.

Comment by The Opinionated Foodie

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