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It’s Here!

The Pioneer Woman’s new cookbook is here!

I am so excited.

At work today, I couldn’t wait to show my friend my brand-new fancy cookbook. I said in an overly excited voice, “Look! Look what I got in the mail yesterday!” I held up my new PW book with glee.

She said in a much-less excited voice, “What do you want to do with that?”

I guess not everyone shares my excitement for all things foodie.

I myself wasn’t so sure if I even wanted to order the new PW book. Her first cookbook is a gem, and I do believe I have made every recipe at least once and some I have made an embarrassing amount of times.

Then, she released her tractor heels book and a children’s book. Yawn.

Then the TV show hit. I watched for a long while. After so many episodes featuring too much kids and not enough cooking, I have moved on and my faith in the PW has waned.

So when I was tooling around on Amazon recently, and the new cookbook popped up as a recommended read, I wasn’t sure. However, I was so close to free shipping that I didn’t have much to lose.

I ordered. It arrived. I love it. As she says in the introduction, the first cookbook delivered on “cows, kids, and canine companions.” She has definitely toned down all three for the new book. It is so much more organized with a list of recipes and page numbers at the beginning of each color-coded section. She has a nice variety of recipes, from man food to more girly fare, and each recipe also has a nice section of variations and other ideas. And thankfully, the cookbook also has way fewer pictures of random ranch activities/people/dogs/cows, none of which ever helped me make supper anyway.

My only gripe so far is that some of the recipes have already been on the show, and I bet many of them will be in the future. However, I don’t watch the show anymore, so I guess I’ll never know. Ignorance is Food Network bliss.

I dare say, even before I cook the first recipe, that this cookbook is a keeper.

Thanks, Ree. My faith in you is semi-restored.



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