The Opinionated Foodie: The Love (or Not) of Food and Everything That Goes with It

March 9, 2012, 11:43 pm
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The strawberries are in! They are a wonderful sign that spring really will be here soon.

Last night, I prepared four quarts of strawberries for the freezer.  I sliced them and then covered them with sugar. When the sugar had dissolved and a nice pool of juice was at the bottom of the bowl, I bagged them in freezer bags.  This summer, they are destined to be part of at least one freezer of homemade strawberry ice cream.  I can’t wait.

Until then, I have saved another quart for the refrigerator. We ate part of them last night with biscuits, cream, and whipped cream. I soaked the biscuits with the cream because I like my biscuits squishy, and then we topped them off with the fresh strawberries and whipped cream.  My husband, being the city boy that he is, had never had such before. 

What a shame.

I also have taught Miss Helper how to eat them straight dipped in sugar. Delightful.


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