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Mmmmmm…Girl Scout Cookies

It’s that time of the year again!

I was ambushed by the sweetest little girl at school.  She smiles at me often, and sometimes she even gives me a small hug.  So sweet.

Is it all because I am such a good teacher? That I touch the lives of the future, and she wants to show her appreciation? Is it because I am helping to shape her into a good citizen and future productive member of society?

Doubt it.

Nope, I think in a way she was preparing me for the day she would corner me with her catalog-her Girl Scout cookie catalog. 

This year, I ordered my usual-the Do-Si-Dos.  Yum. I would share a pic, but they didn’t make them home.  And, I didn’t eat them all. 

I shared two.

I also tried the new Savannah Smiles lemon cookies.  I love the lemon cookies that the GS had a few years ago, but my girl didn’t have those on her order form. 

So, I tried the new ones. 

These cookies, named after the hometown of the founder of the Girl Scouts, are very dry, like a wedding cookie almost.  The lemon taste isn’t very strong, and the crunch almost hurt my teeth. I liked the lemon cream cookies from the past better.  Plus, I really didn’t get the fact that they are shaped like a smile.  I just thought they were half moons. 

I know, slow. 

Still, I was a girl scout once-many, many years ago.  I like to help a sister out by ordering these cookies, even if I only liked the new cookie and ended up actually sharing most of them. Next year, I look forward to my sweet student and her catalog paying me a visit. 

You go, girl.


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