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My neighbor has a gigantic garden. However, he doesn’t really like vegetables and his wife doesn’t cook.

I love food and cooking, but I don’t have a green thumb.

It’s a match made in heaven.

I thought the garden was good and done until the spring.  Then, he turned up with a bucket of turnips.

I crack myself up.

Anyway, I haven’t had a turnip in a hundred years. My grandmother used to make them for us, and I loved their simple sweetness.  She, though, was the only person who made them.  When she died in 2009, the role of cook of the turnips was not taken by any of her children or grandchildren.

That is, until the neighbor showed up at our door with the bucket of turnips.

I wasn’t exactly sure what to do with them, but I had a whole bucket full so I decided to experiment all I wanted.  The first and only attempt I have made so far at turnip makin’ was to wash them well and them wrap them in aluminum foil much like a potato.  I baked them for forty-five minutes at 350.

When they were done, we sliced them open and scooped out the warm insides.  They were tender and sweet. We ate them with just a touch of salt and nothing else.

They brought back a lot of memories.

I still have a bucket practically full of turnips, and I’ll keep experimenting. 

Hopefully the garden’s harvest and the memories will keep on coming.



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I see them in the supermarket here in Dublin every weekend. I have memories of over boiled, waterlogged turnips being served with a slop beside the meat.
Perhaps I should give them a reprieve?
Nice post,

Comment by Conor Bofin

yum I love turnips and how nice to have a neighbor bringing you fresh veggies! Turnips are great raw thinly sliced in salads, boil one with some tators and mash them up together for a spin on mash potatoes, and they are great in soups and roasted! Man… I’m wishing I had a bucket of turnips now!

Comment by Michele Busch

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