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Eating More Veggies: Roasted Cauliflower

So, this being the start of the new year and all, I decided to once again set some culinary goals for myself.

1. Make sushi.
2. Perfect my marinara. It still lacks that something special.
3. Serve and eat more vegetables.

I have started the third one on this list. My husband has literally been working his rear off to get in shape since February, and my diet of butter, bacon, and bread has been less than helpful. This year, I hope to add more vegetables to our diet and make at least one “healthy” meal a week.


I made roasted cauliflower to start my resolution. I cut it into bite size pieces and tossed it with salt, pepper, and way too many red pepper flakes. I roasted the cauliflower at 350 for twenty minutes.


I liked it, but it was way too spicy.

Anyway, it was a good start to a healthier new year. Ironically, I made this to help my family eat a little better. And I was the only one who ate it.

I’ll keep trying, though. I’ve got a whole year to make it work…


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try tossing it with some olive oil, a dash of chili powder salt pepper and garlic powder the olive oil will help bring out the flavor…my hubby does not like many veggies so I’m always trying a sneak attack I recently posted cauliflower yukon gold mashed potatoes sneaky yes…could you tell there was cauliflower in there nope! The things we do to get our families to eat better!

Comment by Michele Busch

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