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The Pioneer Woman’s Christmas Special

Have you ever been at a family gathering when all of the sudden an argument erupts about who is better-Paula Deen or The Pioneer Woman?

Welp, it has happened to me.

On one side of the conversation was a relative who just gushed about the PW and her awesomeness.

On the other side was me. I talked up my gal Paula and how she built her empire and continues to make run a successful restaurant while teaching the masses via her super successful show. And other awesome attributes as well.  I could go on and on.

This is a battle that could rage forever.

Regardless, I caught up today on my shows recorded on the DVR. The PW’s Christmas Special was one of the shows on my list.

The special was better than some of the other shows during her regular run. I was really inspired when she made her cinnamon rolls. I may try to make them. I have the recipe from her cookbook, but I always thought they looked too stinkin’ complicated. Watching her and her BFF make them made the process seem easy especially since she gave the measurements and all.  You know, like a normal cooking show would.

The rest of the recipes and their lack of details were okay. I’m not a fan of Brussel sprouts or overly fancy potatoes. I also was not so entertained with the parade scene or Dirty Santa set up.

I think this episode helped my side of the arguement.

I am now prepared for our next family gathering…


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