The Opinionated Foodie: The Love (or Not) of Food and Everything That Goes with It

Our Annual Progressive Dinner #2-Fun with the Fam

The Kitchen-The room in the house that is the fastest to get dirty and the slowest to clean.

Mine is currently a disaster after last night when we celebrated our family’s eleventh annual progressive dinner.

Our progressive dinner consists of one stop at my house along with the homes of my two sisters for the three courses. The sister who has the main course picks the theme for the year. The sister who has the dessert hosts Dirty Santa and other games that follow the theme. The sister who has the appetizer takes it easy.

Every year, our themes get better and better. Our food and clothing reflect whatever our theme is. We have had a Cheesey Christmas, a White Christmas, a Breakfast Christmas, and a Paula Deen Christmas among others.

Last year was a Redneck Christmas. We ate Spam, maters, taters, and nanner puddin. The attire was awesome. My Dirty Santa gift that I won was a beer can windchime complete with Nissan hubcaps.


This year was my turn at the main course. Our theme was “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas.” We ate food that was little but, luckily, everyone wore normal size clothes.

The appetizer sister is an excellent cook. We had shrimp sliders, bruschetta, mozerella bites marinated in basil, and mini spinach tarts. Delish.


The dessert sister is a wonderful and creative cook. She made all kinds of cake balls in all kinds of interesting holiday shapes.


This sister is the one who chose the theme and has  stressed out about it ever since. I made about ten different small foods for the main course and served them all in small cups. I focused on dishes with some sort of meat in them.



I ended up with a lot of seafood and no chicken, so I paniced.  Most of the folks in our family love food, but several eat nothing at all, Mr. Picky being one of them. Chicken is their staple. Luckily, my husband was the sane one in the situation. He ran to Chick-fil-a and got a platter of nuggets.




We had a wonderful time. We laughed and ate entirely too much. My Dirty Santa gift was an adorable Santa with a reindeer in a Christmas sweater. Cute stuff.


So, my kitchen is a total disaster and will be for a while. But, it is totally worth it. Our progressive dinner is wonderful and delicious.


Plus, I won’t be main course again until 2014.  I get the next two years off!



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