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The Pom and Mother of the Year

The Pomegranate.  Exactly what should I do with it?

My son’s class recently had a word on their vocabulary list that I thought was pomegranate.  I helped him study the list, and I remembered an interesting food word being on the list. While I was at the store without him, I saw what I thought the vocabulary word was.

I bought it all the while thinking that I was certain to win Mother of the Year.  I mean, how many kids have seen a pomegranate? I was going to send it to school with him and be the hero of the day:

“Look, kids! A real life pomegranate!” the teacher would proclaim.

“It’s a miracle!” the kids would reply in unison as they sat perfectly (especially my kid) in their short little school desks.

I was bound for glory.

I took the pomegranate home expecting to be flogged with hugs and kisses from my son for being such an awesome mom.

In reality, he said, “That’s great.  The word, though, was persimmon.”


So now I have a pomegranate that I have no clue what to do with, and no glory for my skills as a mom.

That’s life.


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Lol. Hilarious.

I love pomegrante/rocca (rocket leaves) salad. All you have to do is toss ’em together with a little olive oil and balsamic.

Or pomegranate and yogurt for dessert.

Comment by F.

True stories can be so funny. The seeds can be a pretty addition sprinkled on top of a salad.

Comment by Karen

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