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A First: Our Little Family’s Thanksgiving





I am thankful for so much this Thanksgiving. Family. Friends. Our jobs. Our home. My foodie friends who check out my blog and make me feel loved.

And the fact that the people who live with me let me try weird foods on them all the time. 

Today, it was my first attempt to make a Thanksgiving dinner for four people that had to be totally different from what we’ll be having on Thursday.

It was actually very fun for me.

I started by brining a three -pound turkey breast for an hour in salt, water, and sugar. When it was done, I dried off the turkey, salt and peppered it, and wrapped in prosciutto.  I roasted it for an hour and a half.

My first turkey was tender and so juicy. The prosciutto was salty enough to add a great flavor.

I also made a sweet potato casserole with marshmallows and caramelized pecans. We had oyster dressing (which was really Stove Top) with a red wine turkey gravy.

Dessert was a pumpkin pie.

I didn’t have any cranberries or anything green, but it was still a delicious feast beyond anything we normally eat on Tuesdays. It was also very different from what we’ll eat for the actual Turkey Day.

I am thankful for that.

Happy Thanksgiving, Foodies!


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