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Hubs-Hickman, Kentucky



I wasn’t hungry for my first trip to Hubs. I went along for the ride and to make my husband happy. He had been to Hubs to eat the previous weekend, and he wanted me to try the place too.

I was still stuffed from earlier in the day. I still managed to eat the whole shebang.

It was that good.

Hubs is a no-frills steak and seafood place that is loud, smokey, and crowded.  It was perfect for us.

We started with the chargrilled oysters which we had not successfully eaten since we ate at the Acme Oyster House. A dozen wasn’t enough. Some bites had more spice than others, and some oysters were better but still good.

I had the 10 ounce ribeye. I got my blackened since a steak ordered blackened is served on a hot skillet. Every bite was juicy and hot.  I did have to salt the steak, but it was still delish.

We will return to Hubs soon.  It was worth the trip. Next time, though, I go with an empty stomach.

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never heard of chargrilled oysters that sounds great

Comment by Michele Busch

They were, but there’s not much to them. They shrink so much. A few dozen would have been better than just one.

Next summer, we are going back to the beach, and we are going to try to make our own. We tried before, but it didn’t work out.

Comment by The Opinionated Foodie

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