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Schweddy Balls: My Goal for the Weekend

My goal for the weekend? I must find and enjoy a container of the new Ben and Jerry’s flavor Schweddy Balls.

I remember watching the skit that inspired the name on SNL. It was roll on the floor funny. Sure, it is so crude and suggestive.

It also was and still is hilarious.

I just read an article about the uprising against Ben and Jerry’s. The fact that people are so upset about the name and believe it will harm their children only makes me more determined to find it and buy at least one container of the ice cream.

Maybe more.

Really, people. Do you hide the chicken breasts from your kids? What about the Ding Dongs? Cheese Balls? I could go on, but you get the point.

Oh, but don’t worry. I won’t share my ice cream with my kids. Oh no, I wouldn’t want them to scarred for life due to the crude name of this new ice cream flavor.

I’ll insist on eating all the ice cream all by myself to “protect” them.

Let the hunt for the Schweddy Balls begin!

UPDATE-I have checked at three places-no ice cream.  I even asked at Kroger, and the guy knew what I was talking about but looked at me like I was crazy or something.  Imagine.

I shall not give up, however.  I will find this ice cream!


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that is a skit that I will always remember with Alec on SnL so funny. So me and the hubby have been searching here too but so far we have no schweddies! We are also looking for the flavor made for Jimmy Falen but haven’t found that yet either!

Comment by Michele Busch

If you find some, let me know! I’ve even looked at Walgreen’s, and they are nowhere to be found.

Comment by The Opinionated Foodie

No scheddies, but I did find at Kroger Late Nite Snack and it is delish!

Comment by Michele Busch

we found it…we have a Ben and Jerry’s ice cream parlor in Plano where we live…I know duh.. but we never go there I usually just buy a container at the store! Any who the lady said they banned it at all stores because of the name so you can only get it at Ben and Jerry stores it is limited but they do have some, so I plan to go try it this weekend!

Comment by Michele Busch

I’ll quit looking at the grocery store, then! We are going out of town this week, and I will keep an eye out for a Ben and Jerry’s store. Let me know what you think!

Comment by The Opinionated Foodie

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