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Questions After Watching The Pioneer Woman Episodes Three and Four
September 26, 2011, 1:51 pm
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Why do I like Ladd better than Ree? He was so uncomfortable looking in the first two episodes, but he seems to be loosening up.  She is still slightly awkward at times.

Why is Ladd on camera so much? His picture was barely in the cookbook and wasn’t in the memoir at all.  I thought he and the kids were hidden on purpose.  Now, he is talking and cooking.  He is like a co-star. 

Why does she have so many groceries at the Lodge when they live somewhere else?  The refrigerator was full. 

When exactly is this show a cooking show? She doesn’t tell us measurements or even spend that much time in the kitchen.  Watching her paint a fence won’t help me decide what to make for dinner tonight. 

How in the world can she cook for six people in only one skillet? 

What is the Farm? Their house? Why were they four hours apart in episode three?

Do their kids have to work so much? Child-labor laws, anyone?

Why did Ladd’s steaks look so much better than Ree’s fig pizza?  Shouldn’t it be the other way around?

Is Ladd not the “Marlboro Man” anymore? Suddenly, Ladd and all the kids have names. 

Did you see the size of that grocery store?  Tiny. 

Finally, why do I not love this show? I love The Pioneer Woman, I really do.  I like her recipes, and her blog is amazing.  She deserves all the success she is getting.  This show, though, is not hitting me in the right spot.  When I watch, I don’t learn a thing about cooking, but I learn a lot about her.  When I watch a cooking show, I want to learn how to cook something.  I feel like her show belongs on the Biography Channel. 

Again, cook, Ree.  Cook.


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I made the fig pizza minus the greens on top. Not a hit. I read other blogs about this recipe, and I think I am the only person out there who is not blown away by PW’s show.

To quote my husband, “You don’t have to make this again.”

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