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Meatloaf-The Way to a Man’s Heart

Ah, the things a man will do for meatloaf.  The card says, “You’re pretty.  Please make meatloaf.”

The weather is turning.  I’ve already put away the filp flops and broken out the shoes and socks.  We made s’mores last night on the fire pit.  The Halloween decorations are out.  Football is on 24/7.  Time for fall food.

My husband’s first hankering for fall food this year was for meatloaf.  I have not always been a fan of meatloaf.   Growing up, it was not a welcome sight to me on the dinner table even though my momma’s a great cook.  It was just so meaty in a bleh topped with ketchup kinda way. 

As a cook myself, I never have had much success with the meatloaf.  As a matter of fact, I failed at meatloaf many, many a time.  But for some reason, I kept trying to make it.  The meatloaf incident of 1998 still sends shivers up my tastebuds. Yuck.  Meatloaf was just not a food friend.

I don’t even like Meatloaf the singer.

Yet, for some strange reason, I made a variation of the Pioneer Woman’s version of meatloaf last winter.  It was good.  Surprisingly good.  And, yes, I know that I have not been kind to PW on this blog.  And, yes, I have heard from some who disagree with my thoughts on her show.  I never said, however, that the girl can’t cook. 

Her meatloaf? To die for.  Probably because of the bacon. 

My version is just like hers-including the to die for part-with a few exceptions.

First, I half her recipe.  The first time I made it last winter, we almost ate ourselves into a food coma due to the enormous amount of meatloaf her recipe makes.  We’re not ranchers here, so no need for the three pound meat concoction her recipe turns into.  Half works for us. 

Also, I use Romano instead of Parmesan.   Just cause.  They are equal substitutes, but I like Romano better. 

For the sauce on top, I use one small can of tomato paste, a little worcheshire, and a little beef broth instead of all that ketchup that her recipe calls for. 

One more thing-she says that it takes an hour to cook. Mine usually takes a little longer even though it is smaller.  Peculiar, I know. 

For reasons of my own, but mainly because I am scared out of my wits of the conglomeration that is now The Pioneer Woman, I will not post a recipe here. I don’t want the Marlboro Man knocking at my door with their four kids ready to beat me up for sharing her best recipe.

Instead, I’ll just say that my husband wanted meatloaf, and meatloaf he got. 

Yesterday, he ran his first ever 5K.  He has been working and working out so hard lately.  I am so proud and so glad that I could help him replenish all the calories he burned at his race with this one dish. 

I also helped him further by serving the leftovers I forgot to take for lunch on a sandwich.  The sandwich is as good as the original dish.  Simply slice the meatloaf into sandwich size slices.  In a hot skillet, brown each side until a nice crust forms.  We eat our sandwiches with a little of the extra meatloaf sauce. 

It’ll warm you right up and make your husband/friend/dad/whomever a happy guy.

Happy Fall, Foodie Friends! 


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You know, I’ve never had meatloaf! It;s not such a big thing in Britain. I really should try it… perhaps I’m not truly a man until I do.

Comment by frugalfeeding

Do try it, and tell me how it goes!

Comment by The Opinionated Foodie

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