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The Poor Man’s Steak-BBQ Bologna
September 13, 2011, 5:14 pm
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 If you are not from around here, I want to introduce you to BBQ bologna.  Simple. Southern.  Fattening.  Good.

It is good stuff, even for me-a self-described food snob.  Sometimes life calls for food that is bad for you but tastes good.  It makes you feel better, even if you don’t know what it is made of. 

Find a block or stick of bologna.  A little bologna goes a long way, and it is cheap.  Take off the red casing around the bologna, run a knife down the side to slit the bologna, and smother it with BBQ sauce.  No need to get fancy here; don’t use your homemade sauce or some expensive type.  Buy some regular BBQ sauce at the store; price doesn’t matter.   Just keep it simple. 

At this point, ask yourself about time.  Got it? Then smoke your bologna for a good part of the day.  No time? Put it in the oven.  I bake my bologna while we are at church on Sundays for two hours at 250. 

When it is done, slice it in half-inch slices.  Serve it with mayo, tomatoes, salt, and pepper between hamburger buns. Add cheese and hot sauce if you are feeling sassy.   

Good as gold. 



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