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Mango Ice Cream
August 3, 2011, 8:06 pm
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It has been my goal this summer to make as much homemade ice cream as possible.  So far, I have stuck to my goal.  I mean, who wouldn’t? Making homemade ice cream is easy and so, so good.

We have had a wonderful strawberry, Oreo that was good but the Oreos didn’t distribute throughout the ice cream well, a safe banana, and peach my sister made. All were delicious but common

Recently, I decided to try something new.  Really new.   Uncommon, even.



Mango Ice Cream

What do I know about mango ice cream? Nothing.  As usual. 

I mixed everything and froze it in my kitchen.  It was a lovely concoction made from our family’s basic ice cream recipe. 

However, it was a little tart.  The mango chunks were, well, chunky. I don’t think my mango was quite ripe enough for this recipe.   I didn’t know how ripe it was supposed to be.  I claim ignorance here. 

No one in our house finished a whole bowl.  That says it all right there. 


At least it looked good....


It was worth a shot.  I think I’ll try it again next year-after several takes of the common kind. 

***Basic Ice Cream Recipe

All ingredients should be chilled in advance:

One can of sweetened condensed milk

1 ½ cups of sugar

One small carton of whipping cream


Optional- one teaspoon of good vanilla

Mix the condensed milk, sugar, and whipping cream together.  You might whip the cream before adding, but I don’t see the benefit.  Pour the mixture in your freezer and top with the milk.  I usually use a half gallon, but I use more or less depending on how many people I will be serving. 


Add ins:

Add one or more of these before adding the milk.
Two sliced peaches

Two sliced bananas

One package of Oreos, crushed and frozen

One jar of cherries and one bag of mini chocolate chips for chocolate covered cherry ice cream

One half cup of chocolate syrup or more depending on how chocolaty you like it.  I like to use whole fat chocolate milk instead of plain milk. 

From the ice cream topping aisle-strawberry topping, pineapple topping, and bananas for a banana split ice cream.  You can find so many good things to mix in from the ice cream topping section of the store. 

And, of course, one really ripe mango


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great suggestion, very unusual!

Comment by tinkerbelle86

[…] (she did a whole week of homemade ice cream recipes!), Strawberry Ice Cream from Domestocrat, Mango Ice Cream from The Opinionated Foodie, and Dark Cherry Chocolate Chip Ice Cream from Frugal Foodie […]

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