The Opinionated Foodie: The Love (or Not) of Food and Everything That Goes with It

Garibaldi’s-Memphis, Tennessee

Many moons and several hair colors ago, my husband and I lived in Memphis. We were both in grad school, and, in addition to working on a Master’s, I had my first teaching job. It was a fun time for us; we were out on our own in the big world. We were young, poor, and happy out of our minds.

Today, we are not as young, not as poor, and still happy every day. Occasionally, a moment will remind me of our time long ago in Memphis, or I may even get to relive the moment like I did today.

Today, my two kids, Picky One and Little Helper, and I visited the Birthplace of Rock n Roll to tour the Pink Palace Museum. Since it was a barely busy Monday, we breezed through it pretty quickly in time to eat a quick lunch.

I used my phone to check out restaurants in the area while ignoring the pleas from the back of the car to eat at Burger King or Chuck E. Cheese. No way that was gonna happen. My rule? Do not leave town and eat somewhere that you could eat at while at home. The first promising place on my phone’s list? The wonderful Garibaldi’s.

Garibaldi’s is a Memphis pizza joint with three restaurants around town. It has received many awards and rightfully so. The food is awesome, and the prices are cheap enough for two poor newlyweds like we were. Really, they fed me and my husband many a time between study sessions. Today, I got to share Garibaldi’s with our kids.

We ate at the one smack dab in the middle of mid-town, which is a stone’s throw from the University of Memphis. We could see the Tiger Bookstore from our car, which I loved because I got to show my kids where Daddy went to school. The restaurant isn’t fancy, but who cares, and the people are super nice even though the sign on the menu above the cash register says “Welcome to Garibaldi’s. Eat and get out.”

The Italian Salad

We started with the Italian salad. I used to eat these all the time during lunch breaks during class way back when, and it was every bit as good today. The salad is simple enough that it could easily be made at home, but I guarantee homemade couldn’t be this good. One thing that lends to its awesomeness is the Italian dressing. Devine. It is one of my favorite salads ever.

Pizza from Garibaldi's

After the salad, we didn’t have to wait long for our pizza. It was half cheese and half green olives to satisfy everyone. The green olives were generous and oh so salty. Yum. On the other half, the cheese was gooey and good. The crust was perfect. Picky One, who is picky about his crust, said, “This is the greatest pizza ever!”

I agree. It was great to walk down memory lane with my kiddos and to relive a little Memphis memory.


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