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The Deviled Egg Experiment
July 17, 2011, 9:41 pm
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This afternoon, my little helper decided she was hungry.

“Whatcha hungry for?” I asked.

“Eggs,” she replied.

The Sunday Afternoon Snack

Only my child would want eggs. I recently found an empty egg carton in her room. Why? Who knows. The chick has a thing for eggs.

So, I told her we would make some deviled eggs.

She replied, “Do you know how to make them like Granmommy?”


“Are you sure?”

I think I can handle it.

We agreed to experiment. We made four types of deviled eggs: plain, Party Pickles, bacon, and guacamole.

Left to Right-Regular, Party Pickles, Bacon, and Guacamole

First, we tried the plain egg. We mixed egg yolk with only Miracle Whip, salt, pepper, and, of course, smoked paprika. I would lose my cooking license if I didn’t add paprika to a deviled egg in the South. We both liked it fine.

Second, we stepped it up and tried the Party Pickle egg. It was yolk mixed with Miracle Whip and chopped Party Pickles (see my Party Pickles post for the recipe). I liked this slightly better then the plain. My helper said it was “Pickley.” I think that is a good thing.

Then we tried the bacon deviled egg. Yum. It was simple but so good. We mixed half a piece of crispy cooked bacon with Miracle Whip and the yolk for each egg half. It was my favorite.

Finally, we tried the guacamole, which was store bought and already prepared. Maybe that was part of the problem because it was gross. It was a long shot that failed. I mean, I’ve had avacado and egg together in salad before, so this could have worked. Instead, it looked like baby poop and tasted, well, like I would imagine baby poop to taste. I was so disappointed. My helper wouldn’t even try it.

The Guac Stands Alone


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Those are really pretty. The guacamole one especially. Lovely.

Comment by frugalfeeding

Thanks! They were very pretty yet gross. I may tweak the recipe a little or just leave it alone.

Comment by The Opinionated Foodie

hmm. when I saw these eggs the guac caught my attention I thought yum…then I read gross…maybe try regular recipe with a slice of avocado and a dash of cumin mixed with chili powder.

Comment by Michele Busch

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