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The Acme Oyster House-Destin, Florida

Charbroiled Oysters

The Peacemaker

In my opinion, restaurants like Applebee’s, Red Lobster, McDonald’s, and such are fine. I eat at places like these all the time. They will do.

However, I do believe that they have no place at all anywhere around vacation spots. Congress should regulate it.  No Pizza Hut within one mile of any condo in the US.  The idea of eating at O’Charley’s on vacation? Good grief.

People have to be protected from themselves, I believe. Friends don’t let friends eat at Olive Garden while on vacation. It’s like kissing your sister on the mouth. You just don’t do it.

Instead, you go off the beaten path.  You go out of your comfort zone.  You make memories in special places.  You spend a little more to eat than usual.  You save for a year to get out of dodge.  Make it worth it. 

Go to a place like the Acme Oyster House.  It is legendary.  Famous for its fresh oysters and best known as a spot in New Orleans, it is where you go on vacation. 

We did.  We found an Acme Oyster House in Sandestin, Florida.  It was loud.  It was crowded.  It was busy.  It was awesome.

We started with the charbroiled oysters since my husband didn’t feel brave enough for the raw type.  This is how oysters are done, my friends.  I mean, it was the definition of fresh.  I could see the guy shucking the oysters from where I was sitting.  They were perfection, and you could see the oysters (unlike another Destin restaurant reviewed here).  The only problem was that we only ordered a half dozen.  I could have eaten another dozen by myself. 

My husband’s main course was a pound of steamed crawfish.  It couldn’t have been better, but again, he could have eaten another pound or two.

I had the Peacemaker, a sandwich with fried shrimp, oysters, and a tabasco mayo.  I ate every drop.  My mouth was on fire, but I ate it all. 

Steamed Crawfish

My only regret? We didn’t order enough of the oysters and the crawfish.  However, I can live with that since we all left full and happy. 

We got to eat at a place that otherwise is way off our radar.  I hope it’s not, but it could have been a once in a lifetime chance.  It was a wonderful eating experience.  And that is what vacation is supposed to be.

Destin Towers on Dwellable

Acme Oyster House on Urbanspoon


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