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Another Broken Egg Cafe-Destin, Florida


Just as there are two sides to every sunny side up egg, there are two opinions here about Another Broken Egg Cafe.  You have my husband’s, who is totally entitled to his own opinion even if he is wrong.  Then, you have mine. 

I’ll start with his.  In a minute. 

Another Broken Egg Cafe is a chain of restaurants specializing in breakfast food in several states primarily in the South.  Until I started preparing for this trip, I had never even heard of it.  I found it through Fodor’s, whom I follow blindly much like the GPS on my car-  Stear me to great food, Fodor’s!  They said to try it, and so we did. 

We entered Another Broken Egg Cafe relatively early-but not too early; we are on vacation-and we had to wait.  To me, for a breakfast joint, that is a good sign.  I can understand waiting at dinner, but breakfast is not a waitable meal to most folks.  So the fact that there was a line meant good things to come in my book.

When we went in, the cafe was quaint.  The references to the chicken and the egg were there but subtle.  It wasn’t a cheesy chicken place.  I was expecting a hole in the wall, but this restaurant was very nice-almost fancy for that early in the morning. 

We ordered drinks-juice and coffee and plain milk.  My five-year-old daughter, who regularly wears a princess crown just to run errands, ordered chocolate milk.  The waitress asked, “Do you want whipped cream on that?”

Awesome.  She was in chocolate milk heaven surrounded by non-cheesy looking chickens.

Of course, she wanted whipped cream.   She got it in a fancy pink glass with chocolate chips on top.  Score one for this place.

Now, my husband’s side of the egg.  When the waitress came to take our order, my husband ordered French toast.  Fine.  We were in a very nice restaurant so close to the Gulf that you can see it, and he ordered French toast.  I wanted to yell, “We aren’t in France, man.  Order something off the menu with seafood in it, for Pete’s sake.  Listen to Fodor’s!”  Ugh.

His response later was that seafood should not be for breakfast.  He went on to say that eggs and seafood do not mix.

His non-seafood French toast was not a success.  The bread was wheat bread that was not coated enough with egg.  He also thought it should have been fried a little more.  It was pretty, but I agree with him.  French toast should be thick and sweet.  Minus one for this place. 


 My side of the egg-I held in my urge to order from the scruptious sounding  and expensive selection of Bendicts.  Instead, I ordered the Floridian, an omelete featuring crabmeat, a butter sauce, and cheese.  My breakfast was a success to say the least.  The omelet was light and the cheese was not overpowering.  The crabmeat-I had plenty.  I had a bite of crab and cheese for every bite of omelet.  Delish. Score two.

I looked so forward to eating at Another Broken Egg Cafe after seeing it in Fodor’s.  Most of my family loved it.  I hope that someday someone will franchise this cafe all the way to my neck of the country so I can have seafood for breakfast more often. Maybe even my husband will try it if they do.
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Where’s ur home town?

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A small town in West Tennessee.

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