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Party Pickles
June 13, 2011, 3:01 pm
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Most people would scoff of the idea of taking pickles to a function.  Pickles!  What a faux pas!

These aren’t your momma’s pickles. 

This recipe is one I have used for years.  Yummy and easy, it does impress a crowd.  Seriously.

You do need to plan ahead here.  It may be easy, but it isn’t fast.  It takes about a day. 

Ingredients: one jar of dill pickles of any size and sugar

Here’s whatcha do-using a normal jar of regular dill pickles (I like hamburger dills), pour out most of the pickle juice.  You can save it for later, freeze it and make pickle sickles, drink it out of the can, whatever.  I usually pour it down the sink.  Anyhoo, leave about one-fifth of the juice at the bottom of the pickle jar. Then, get out the sugar, sweetie.  Pour about 1/4 of a cup of sugar in the jar, attach the top of the jar,  and shake it up.  Then, go do something else for a while.  Watch tv, paint your nails, whatever.  When you remember what your were doing, go back to the jar and repeat the process: 1/4 cup of sugar, put on the top, and shake.  Do this over and over until the juice is back to the top. Refrigerate. 

I have served these bad boys on a plate before-simple, simple, simple-and walked out of the party with an empty plate.  I have also mixed these in coleslaw to serve with fish, and they are fantastic on burgers.  They last for a long while in the refrig. 




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